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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How do you price a tattoo?

Most artists will be able to quote any tattoo less than 3 hours.  This way you will know the exact cost of the tattoo you are requesting.  If you make changes to the design such as adding elements or making it bigger this will affect the original quote.  For larger pieces artists usually charge an hourly rate between $180 and $200 per hour depending on the artist.  We hav e a shop minimum of $125 no matter how small a tattoo is as this is the minimum charge needed to cover supplies and paying the artist for their time.

Can I go in the sun after I get a tattoo?

This is important information for all those sun lovers out there.  A fresh tattoo should not be put in direct sunlight for the first 6 weeks.  Please plan your appointment around this maybe considering a wintertime appointment if you are outside a lot in the summer.  Before your tattoo appointment, please make sure the area to be tattooed is not overly tanned or sunburnt as the artists will not be able to see what they are doing as well as they should.  Sunburnt skin is not able to be tattooed as it is already damaged and this will severely affect the outcome of the tattoo

Do you sell aftercare products?

We carry a full line of tattoo aftercare products.  Antibacterial soap for cleaning, tattoo industry moisturizers for healing and sunscreen for protecting.

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