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Piercing FAQ

What kind of jewelry do you use?

We use either Titanium, surgical steel or gold jewelry to pierce with.

Gold jewelry has to be 14k solid gold to be clean enough to pierce an initial piercing which will make the piercing price higher than standard jewelry.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

Unfortunately we only use our own jewelry to pierce with as we need to ensure the quality as well as making sure it is sterile before being inserted.

Do you use a needle or gun to pierce?

We always use single use, sterile needles for piercing...lobes included.  This is the safest and least traumatic method for piercing.

Can I walk in for piercing?

If we have time you can do a walk in appointment but somedays do get very busy and an appointment is always recommended to cut down any waiting time.

Can I bring a friend with me to my appointment?

You can bring one friend with you for support back into the piercing room.  More than one friend is too much for space and the piercers concentration.

Do you sell aftercare products?

Yes we sell a line of saline and antibacterial soap aftercare products.

Can I use alcohol to clean my piercing?

Only recommended cleaners should be used for your piercing.  Alcohol, peroxide and polysporin are never recommended to clean a piercing.

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